How To Board Starborn Ships In Starfield – Complete Guide

Players of Starfield come upon the enigmatic and highly developed group known as the Starborn in the expansive cosmos. Many players find themselves drawn to these mysterious beings that pilot unusual starships. This article will discuss how to board Starborn ships in Starfield, including their characteristics, locations, and the ultimate objective of obtaining one.

Around the halfway point of Starfield’s main plot, players come upon the mysterious and technologically sophisticated Starborn group. Their exact nature and origins are unknown, but they are technologically superior to humans and have great power. Specifically, while engaged in warfare, two Starborn—the Hunter and the Emissary—pilot distinctive and powerful starships.

How To Obtain Starborn Ship In Starfield

Board Starborn Ships In Starfield
How To Obtain Starborn Ship In Starfield (Source – GameRant)

Players naturally get interested in crafting these cutting-edge ships and want to know whether they can take one for themselves. But it’s not feasible to directly pilfer or board Starborn ships while playing normally. You’ll be unable to enter the ship if you try to do so and get an “access denied” warning. You are not really able to operate the ship, not even when you use console orders to force the door open.

Completing the main plot and starting New Game Plus is the only dependable method to board Starborn ships. The player will spawn as a Starborn with control of a Starborn Guardian class spaceship when New Game Plus launches. This ship is identical to enemy ships in terms of look and overall characteristics, although it has higher base stats than lower-level versions.

Starborn Ships Location

Even if you can’t get a Starborn ship until the very end of the game, you may still see these unusual ships while you’re playing. Starborn adversaries will periodically assault the player at different planets and stations if they have completed the “A High Price to Pay” objective. Watch the United Colonies and Freestar Collective territories closely, since they seem to be frequent landing grounds for Starborn, to improve your chances of seeing one of these ships.

  • Starborn ships are known to visit several planets. There have been reports of sightings of planets like OBORUN 11, Tau Ceti VIII-a, and Rasalhague II.
  • Finding Starborn ships has proved to be fruitful, especially in Rasalhague II.
  • A careful examination of Rasalhague II’s surface reveals unmarked military bases and isolated habitats with priceless riches in addition to the designated Dogstar Factory.
  • There is a higher likelihood of observation here since players have reported seeing many landing Starborn spaceships.

Your chances of seeing a Starborn spacecraft will increase as you explore and investigate potential worlds. The thrill of pursuing these elusive boats enhances the exploring element of the game.

Starborn Ship Characteristics

board Starborn Ships
Starborn Ship Characteristics

Starborn ships are different from regular ships in several important ways:

  1. Strong Torpedo Launcher and Photon Laser: These weapons can penetrate shields and do massive damage over long distances, making Starborn ships very dangerous in battle.
  2. Extreme Warp Capability: Unlike most ships, Starborn ships feature a grav drive that enables leaps of more than 30 light years, allowing for quick exploration.
  3. Sturdy Black Hulls: Starborn ships are very resilient in battle, with shield counts over 600 and hull integrity above 650.
  4. Distinctive Asymmetrical Design: Starborn ships have a uniquely futuristic and alien appearance due to their red internal illumination and sleek, sweeping wings.
  5. Immutable Stats: Regrettably, unlike conventional warships, Starborn ships are not amenable to improvement or modification. Their baseline output doesn’t change.
  6. Enhanced Performance with Time: Later playthroughs have unlocked “Starborn Guardian II” and beyond versions, which have progressively improved stats over their predecessors to become even more formidable.

How To Board Starborn Ships In Starfield

How To Board Starborn Ships In Starfield
How To Board Starborn Ships In Starfield

Although it is very uncommon and often impossible to try to board Starborn ships during regular gameplay, there is a remote possibility that you may be in certain situations. Rarely, players may be able to board Starborn ships of the enemy as the crew is disembarking or within 30 seconds of its landing. But this window is narrow and erratic, so it’s a dangerous undertaking.

The following is the more dependable way to board Starborn ships:

  1. Find a Starborn ship that has landed, ideally on Rasalhague II or other suggested worlds.
  2. Get up close and take a careful look at the spacecraft to find the wing that is closest to the ground and serves as a ramp.
  3. Carefully ascend the wing to the top, where the entrance—typically a black doorway—is visible.
  4. If you try to engage with the door, a notification claiming that you can’t access enemy ships in regular gameplay will appear.

After starting New Game Plus and finishing the main quest line, there is only one certain method to pilot a Starborn spacecraft. When you achieve this, you will spawn as a Starborn Guardian, giving you the chance to experience piloting one of these recognizable spacecraft to the fullest.


For most of Starfield’s walkthroughs, Starborn and its cutting-edge technology are still a mystery. After completing the game and beginning over, players may acquire one of their Guardianships. Earning these ships is a great prize for finishing Starfield’s story since they have a distinctive design and unmatched speed. Keep a watch out for Starborn ships as you set out on your cosmic adventure and let obtaining one of these mysterious spacecraft be an exciting aspect of your interstellar voyage.

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