Top 5 Class A Ships In Starfield Ranked

Top 5 Class A Ships In Starfield Ranked

In Starfield, you are presented with a range of ships, categorized from the lowest rank Class A, and go all the way up to the highest rank Class C. Furthermore, some ships are available for purchase, while others can only be unlocked through missions.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to acquire different ships either during interplanetary travel or upon completing missions. While some ships boast impressive designs, they may lack the firepower needed for space combat.

Conversely, an unassuming-looking ship might surprise with its formidable power. This guide will provide you with a detailed overview of the Class A Ships In Starfield and point out the top 5 Starfield ships.

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What Is The Class A Ships In Starfield

The Class A Ships In Starfield
The Class A Ships In Starfield

Class A ships may not pack the punch of Class C vessels, but they offer distinct advantages, notably superior mobility. Moreover, players can secure certain ships for free early in the game by successfully completing missions.

In addition, they come at a significantly lower cost compared to Class C ships. Another notable feature is that this ship can be operated without the need for advanced piloting skills.

In Starfield, the selection of your vessel can be quite a daunting task, particularly for those new to the game. The extensive array of options presents newcomers with a diverse range of outstanding choices, ranging from formidable warships to agile craft designed specifically for exploration.

As you embark on your journey into the boundless cosmos, you’ll find that every option teems with potential and unique possibilities. Nonetheless, here are the Top 5 Class A Ships In Starfield Ranked.

1. Star Eagle

Class A Ships In Starfield Star Eagle
Star Eagle – Class A Ships In Starfield

In Starfield, the Star Eagle is the epitome of Class A vessels. It can be acquired early in the game by completing specific missions in Akila City, and it comes obtainable at no cost upon mission completion.

This ship boasts formidable strength a high-quality shield, and can comfortably accommodate up to five crew members. Additionally, it provides a substantial cargo hold for those interested in resource accumulation.

Furthermore, it distinguishes itself as one of the most well-balanced ships in the game and is accessible early on. It serves as a reward for successfully concluding the Freestar Collective storyline, with a value of 398,375 credits and a mass of 350.

2. Razorleaf

Class A Ships In Starfield Razorleaf
Razorleaf – Class A Ships In Starfield

The Razorleaf excels in both speed and maneuverability, solidifying its status as one of the top combat-suited ships. Its remarkable speed and agility position this ship among the best for combat scenarios.

Additionally, players can readily enhance the ship’s base weaponry to increase its damage potential. The Razorleaf is equipped with 18 reactors, offering accommodation for up to two crew members and their companions in the cockpit.

Furthermore, it boasts a hover jump capability of 30 light-years and a cargo capacity of 420 units.

Simply completing the Mantis side quest grants players access to this exceptional vessel. It boasts a value of 18,350 credits and a fuel capacity of 140 liters.

3. Marathon

Class A Ships In Starfield Marathon
Marathon – Class A Ships In Starfield

The Marathon stands as an outstanding Class A ship, offering affordability in comparison to many other cargo vessels, albeit still carrying a substantial price tag. This cargo vessel is available for purchase from various vendors, including the Ship Services Technician located in Cydonia.

It presents an excellent choice, as it is a well-balanced option tailored for beginners. This ship has a mammoth cargo capacity of 1460 units and comes with 700 liters of fuel capacity. Furthermore, it boasts a value of 159,450 credits.

It provides generous cargo space, along with sufficient shielding and offensive capabilities. It is, therefore, the best bet for newcomers to the game who may be uncertain about their preferred play style.

4. Warwolf

Class A Ships In Starfield Warwolf
Warwolf – Class A Ships In Starfield

In the choice between the Warwolf and the Star Eagle, it’s evident that the Warwolf, being a Class A fighter spaceship, excels in offensive power. This type of spacecraft is characterized by its compact size and agility, tailored specifically for combat and defense.

Nevertheless, its steep price may deter certain individuals, particularly those averse to credit farming XP in Starfield. This formidable vessel, the Warwolf, offers a cargo capacity of 200 units along with an impressive fuel capacity of 210 liters.

Additionally, it holds a considerable value of 225,175 credits. It’s worth noting that these attributes contribute to its reputation as a powerhouse in the realm of fighter spaceships.

Furthermore, should one prioritize increased cargo capacity, modifications may be requisite for the Warwolf. In essence, it is crucial to carefully consider the advantages and drawbacks before arriving at a decision.

5. Wanderwell

Class A Ships In Starfield Wanderwell
Wanderwell – Class A Ships In Starfield

Wanderwell becomes accessible upon selecting the Kid Stuff trait during character creation. With a value of 81,196 credits, it accommodates up to two crew members and offers a shield rating of 455, capable of jumping up to 27 light-years.

Weighing in at nearly 622 units of mass, it’s armed with a complement of missiles and ballistics to bolster its offensive capabilities.

However, it’s important to note that its cargo capacity falls slightly short at 303 units, which is less than that of the Star Eagle.


In the expansive universe of Starfield, whether you seek combat prowess, cargo capacity, or a balanced approach, there’s a ship to suit your needs. Therefore, consider factors like affordability, offensive capabilities, and accessibility when making your decision for Class A Ships In Starfield.

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