How To Get The Double Barrel In Remnant 2: Best Handgun for Close-Combat

Are you ready to go on a fascinating adventure in the world of Remnant 2, where you’ll discover the secrets surrounding the renowned Double Barrel gun and learn how to obtain it?

In the unknown planet of Remnant 2, the powerful Double Barrel handgun is proof of a survivor’s perseverance. This cool steel gun with a sleek black grip emphasizes trustworthiness in a world where trust is scarce. Use this guide to solve the mysteries that led to its acquisition and maximize its destructive potential.

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Double Barrel—A Close Quarters Killer

In close combat, the Double Barrel Shotgun is unrivaled since it can inflict lethal hits on opponents. Learn why people who favor long-range primary weapons should try this small powerhouse.

Double Barrel Remnant 2
Double Barrel Remnant 2 (Source – Remnant 2 Wiki)

Unlocking Double Barrel

Have you ever wished you could use a legendary weapon to alter the course of events in Remnant 2’s forbidding and deadly world? To acquire the Double Barrel, follow the steps:

The Gift of the Alchemist

The Double Barrel is the primary weapon used by those who pursue the Alchemist archetype’s path. If you are not of the same class, you must first complete the “Head Doctor” and “The Iron Safe” objectives before using this short-barreled masterpiece.

Remnant 2 Double Barrel shotgun
Remnant 2 Double Barrel shotgun (Source – IGN)

How to Navigate the Losomn Labyrinth

Making a Game Plan

Before beginning your journey for the Double Barrel, make sure you’re in Losomn’s Adventure mode. Begin your adventure at the Morrow Parish checkpoint and reroll the globe if needed.

The Asylum’s Insidious Arms

To enter the Asylum, navigate to Morrow Parish Sanatorium and climb the ladder adjacent to the checkpoint. Investigate the institution’s dark basement, where a locked door reveals your future.

The Mysterious Request of the Head Doctor

The Head Doctor, imprisoned by her team, stands desolately behind the locked door. She will ask you to find Stone-Carved Dolls because each of them holds the key to the enigmatic Iron Safe.

The Stone-Carved Dolls Hold the Treasures

  • The first doll, who is hidden in a room to the right of the office, is guarding the ground-floor safe.
  • The second doll may be located near the shed, to the left of the Asylum’s back door, where a fight with Ripsaw awaits.
  • Ascend to the third story, then cross through a room with a massive chasm beyond it. To obtain access, use the Asylum Third Floor Key.

The Clues’ Sweet Song

Bring all three Stone-Carved Dolls to the Head Doctor, and he will serenade you with intriguing music. The numbers she mentions are significant because they hold the key to your future.

Opening the Iron Safe

Take the digit—2971 or other digits that the Head Doctor told—with you and return to the first-floor office. Enter this combination into the safe’s complicated lock to open the coveted Double Barrel.

Taking Advantage of the Double Barrel’s Power

Because of its excellent close-combat performance, the Double Barrel is a top-tier backup weapon. Because of its enormous base attack, upgrade potential, and natural abilities, it is a force to be reckoned with.

  • A 100% Weak Spot Damage Bonus from Armoury Unleash the anger with the aid of this fantastic extra.
  • 10% Stagger Modifier: Give your opponents knockbacks to slow them down.
  • Critical Hit Probability of 5%: Precision acquires the ability to deliver lethal critical hits.
  • Small Magazine, Big Content: Maintain a strike range of up to 20 meters while focusing your force inside a 7-meter radius.

The double barrel’s Flaws

The Double Barrel excels in close-quarters combat but struggles in long-range conflicts. It also has no unusual modifications because it is a standard pistol. However, astute survivors can get past these limitations by properly customizing.


The Double Barrel in Remnant 2 is a deadly close-range weapon with a lot of power potential. To obtain it, you must traverse the Losomn Labyrinth, discover the Iron Safe, and follow the hints. Despite its powers at close quarters, it may have drawbacks in long-range combat; however, modification can compensate for these deficiencies.


What is the Double Barrel in Remnant 2, and why is it important?

The Double Barrel is a powerful close-combat shotgun in Remnant 2 that is coveted for its ability to deliver crushing hits in close combat.

How can I get the Double Barrel in Remnant 2?

To access the Double Barrel, you must complete the “Head Doctor” and “The Iron Safe” goals in the Alchemist archetype’s path or be of the same class.

Where can I find the Stone-Carved Dolls needed to open the Iron Safe?

The first doll is in a room to the right of the office, the second is adjacent to the shed to the left of the asylum’s rear entrance, and the third doll is on the third level with the asylum’s third-floor key.

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