How To Unlock Artifact Of Command Risk Of Rain Returns

Artifact Of Command Risk Of Rain Returns
How to unlock Artifact of Command in Risk Of Rain Returns

In Risk of Rain Returns, to keep the game engaging, it’s essential to infuse each run with uniqueness, tweaking the dynamics of your gameplay. At the forefront of game-changing elements are Artifacts.

Artifacts play a significant role in Risk of Rain Returns, bringing transformative elements to each playthrough. These powerful items can be unlocked to change the dynamics of your runs. This guide will provide details on the Artifact of Command Risk of Rain Returns.

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What Is The Artifact Of Command Risk Of Rain Returns

Risk Of Rain Returns The Artifact Of Command
The Artifact Of Command Risk Of Rain Returns

Risk of Rain Returns will provide you with a number of Artifacts that will introduce various changes to the gameplay, such as a substantial 500 percent damage boost at the cost of reducing health to a mere 10 percent.

However, there is nothing in comparison to the Artifact of Command, and it stands out as a powerhouse. This Artifact revolutionizes the randomness of item acquisition.

Instead of relying on chance, The Artifact Of Command will provide you with the option to choose your desired item with each chest opened or the boss defeated. This newfound freedom will empower you to construct formidable builds tailored to your preferences.

Continue reading to learn everything there is to know about the Artifact of Command Risk of Rain Returns, including how to unlock it and use it.

How To Unlock The Artifact of Command

The Artifact of Command can be unlocked at the fourth stage of the game. In the fourth stage, the game will offer two maps. However, the Artifact of Command lies in the Hive Cluster at the top right cover of the map.

In the Hive Cluster, you will observe shimmering pink Goo tendrils intermittently materialize at the top right of the map, offering a unique climbing opportunity. The best thing about these tendrils is that despite their invisibility, they remain navigable and can be used to climb to the top of the map.

The Artifact Of Command Risk Of Rain Returns
The Artifact Of Command Location

Simply climb up the tendrils, traversing right along them, until you come across the Artifact of Command suspended in the center of an ancient teleporter. Now that you have gotten to the Artifact of Command, pick it up to permanently unlock it.

It is recommended to have either the Photon Jetpack or the Hopoo Feather to help with maneuverability while climbing the tendrils. Furthermore, survivors such as a teleporting Huntress or a Pilot with his parachute will assist you in reaching the top right cover of the map in no time.

You can activate unlocked Artifacts within the character selection menu. Once you’ve obtained the Artifact of Command, it becomes available for use in your character menu for the next run.

How Does The Artifact Of Command Work

The Artifact of Command revolutionizes item drops, eliminating the randomness that usually accompanies chests, shrines, or bosses in Risk of Rain Returns. Instead of the typical haphazard outcomes, acquiring an item takes the form of rarity-specific boxes.

These boxes are of white, green, red, and orange color, with the white ones indicating Common items, the green ones for Uncommon items, and the red boxes for Rare items. In addition, the orange boxes are for Equipment.

When you unlock an Artifact using in-game currency, it activates an interface that showcases all items within that specific rarity, providing players with the information needed to make an informed choice.

This newfound control over item selection adds a profound layer of depth to the Risk of Rain Returns experience. However, it is recommended to exercise caution when opening chests, ensuring a safe environment, as the interface cannot be closed mid-selection.

In situations where enemies surround you, quick decision-making becomes crucial. This strategic manipulation of item acquisition not only transforms the gameplay dynamics but also enhances the overall Risk of Rain Returns experience.

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