Tormentor Mask: How to Get this Legendary Mask Ornament in Destiny 2

As the Festival of the Lost returns to Destiny 2, Guardians find themselves immersed in a thrilling mix of spooky encounters and loot-filled adventures. The event brings forth the challenge of facing Headless bosses and competing against fellow Guardians to pursue amazing rewards.

Among the treasures offered are a variety of masks, each with the potential to positively impact your gameplay and contribute to the acquisition of valuable items.

Masks In Destiny 2
Masks In Destiny 2

This guide is about obtaining the legendary ornament “Tormentor Mask,” adding a touch of Halloween flair to your Destiny 2 experience.

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What Is Tormentor Mask In Destiny 2

Tormentor Mask in Destiny 2
Tormentor Mask in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 offers you The Tormentor Mask which is the legendary ornament you will get as a reward in the Festival of the Lost Event. To obtain the Tormentor Mask, players must fulfill specific criteria within the event, particularly in the Haunted Sectors where Twilight Triumphs unfold.

This exclusive mask adds a spooky touch to your Guardian’s appearance and is part of the Halloween festivities in the Season of the Witch. Tormentor Mask grabs attention because it is one of the three masks you will need to complete Twilight Triumph in Destiny 2.

Eva Lavante
Tormentor Mask in Destiny 2: Begin with Eva Levante Mask

To collect all the masks in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost, begin by obtaining a starting mask from Eva Levante and then focus on earning Cipher Decoders by engaging in various activities like Strikes and the Haunted Forest.

How To Get Tormentor Mask In Destiny 2

Heads Will Roll Event
Tormentor Mask Destiny 2: Heads Will Roll Event

You can easily get Tormentor Mask in Destiny 2 by following the specific procedure as mentioned below:

By Unlocking The Nimbus Mask

You should prioritize getting the Clovy Bray ornament first to secure the Tormentor Mask in Destiny 2. Begin by participating in the Haunted Sector event to acquire the Nimbus Mask after obtaining spectral pages. Visit Eva Levante, the event vendor in Courtyard Tower, to receive the Festival of the Lost Mask.

Spectral pages
Destiny 2: Spectral pages

Wear the mask and play the event to earn spectral pages. Unlock the Haunted Sector Event and equip the mask during the SABER strike, defeating the boss to earn the Nimbus Mask as a reward. This progression sets the stage for acquiring the Tormentor Mask in the new event.

By Killing Headless Bosses in Haunted Sector

Kill the Headless Bosses
Destiny 2: Kill the Headless Bosses

After getting Nimbus Mask, you need to enter the Haunted Lost Sectors full of Headless Bosses waiting for combat. Kill those Headless Bosses to acquire the Tormentor Mask in Destiny 2 as a reward.

How To Use Tormentor Mask In Destiny 2

Lost Momento
Destiny 2: Lost Momento

The Tormentor Mask plays a crucial role in unlocking the Lost Memento in the Twilight Triumph. To achieve this, players should start by heading to the Legendary Haunted Sector, known as the most challenging area in the event. Equip the Tormentor Mask before entering this Legendary Sector.

Tormentor Mask in Destiny 2: Twilight Triumph
Destiny 2: Twilight Triumph

The final step involves defeating 25 enemies while wearing the Tormentor Mask that will unlock the exclusive shader, Lost Memento.


In conclusion, to obtain the elusive Tormentor Mask in Destiny 2’s Festival of the Lost, Guardians must embark on a series of steps. Begin by acquiring the Clovy Bray ornament and participating in the Haunted Sector event to obtain the Nimbus Mask. After getting Nimbus Mask, enter the Haunted Sector to kill the Headless Boss which will grant you Tormentor Mask as a reward. You can also use Tormentor Mask to get Twilight Triumph.  This intricate progression adds a captivating layer to the Festival of the Lost, providing you with adventurous gameplay.

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