Starfield In Memoriam Sona: Stay Or Leave

In Memoriam is a poignant companion mission in the game Starfield, which has won over players all around the globe. After forging a close connection with Sarah Morgan and learning about her past, she offers this mission. In this extensive guide, we will lead you through the nuances of the Starfield In Memoriam Sona quest. We’ll assist you in finding the crash site of Sarah Morgan, tracking down the missing genetags, and examining the changing dynamics of your relationship with Sona.

How To Start Starfield In Memoriam Sona Mission

Starfield In Memoriam Sona
How To Start Starfield In Memoriam Sona Mission (Source – GameRant)

Establishing a deep connection with Sarah Morgan is necessary to begin the Starfield In Memoriam Sona quest. You may do this by making her your committed travel partner, utilizing the Paramour chem, and making choices that are consistent with her morals. Every time you get an Activity notice from her, it means she has something to share, therefore you should engage with her. At a certain point in your relationship, Sarah will talk to you about her military history, particularly her time serving aboard the Dauntless during the Colony War.

The main catalysts for the Starfield In Memoriam Sona mission are Sarah’s admission about her experience on the Dauntless and her desire to locate the debris of lost crew shuttles. To continue, you need to talk to Admiral Logan in the MAST District on New Atlantis. He can provide you with the crucial coordinates for Sarah Morgan’s Cassiopea I campsite.

Locating The Sarah Morgan Crash Site On Cassiopea I

Starfield In Memoriam Sona
Locating The Sarah Morgan Crash Site On Cassiopea I

Locate the crash location of Sarah Morgan on Cassiopea I now that you know the coordinates. To finish this portion of the mission, do the following actions:

  • Travel to Cassiopea: On the star map, identify Cassiopea, a celestial body close to the Sol System, and depart from the Alpha Centauri System.
  • Orbit Cassiopea I: After arriving at Cassiopea, enter its orbit and search the surface for a point of interest marked “Ship.”
  • Reassure Sarah: Once you get on Cassiopea I, go to Sarah Morgan and offer your assistance before beginning to look for her crash location.
  • Find the Crash Site: You should be able to locate the crash site by traveling straight from your spacecraft beneath a small rock arch. It is not far from your landing point. A portion of the shuttle and a tiny, improvised awning with some supplies are among the rubble.
  • Emergency Power Cell: Sarah will tell you that to power up the computer with the flight data of the missing shuttle, you will need an Emergency Power Cell. On a neighboring plateau, she had placed a distress beacon using some of these cells.
  • Locate the Power Cell: The power cell is located adjacent to a satellite at a location with electronics, equipment, and a clean route winding around the plateau.
  • Handle Wildlife: You can run across hostile Hunting Stonewalker Stalkers while looking for the power cell. Prepare to engage in combat with them or gain a tactical edge by using your boost pack to flee to higher ground.
  • Turn on the Computer: Go back to the accident scene and turn on the computer terminal using the Emergency Power Cell. Sarah’s log entries are also readable on the terminal. To identify the Dauntless Wreck on your map, look at the Telemetry Data for Object Beta.
  • Return to Your Ship: To continue your quest, get back to your ship since the Dauntless Wreck is too far away to approach on foot.
  • Gather the Nova Galactic Manual: Look for a little white box holding the Nova Galactic Manual 01 before you leave the crash scene. By using this instruction, you may permanently cut the fuel required for a Grav Jump by 1%.

Examine The Dauntless Shuttle Crash Location

Starfield In Memoriam Sona
Examine The Dauntless Shuttle Crash Location

It’s time to go to the Dauntless Shuttle Crash Site now that you have its whereabouts. Take these actions:

  1. Check the Planet Map: A new marking designating the site of the Dauntless Shuttle Crash will be visible when you open the Planet Map Screen.
  2. Land at the Site: The crash site is located in a tropical environment, which is significantly different from Sarah’s crash site’s rocky landscape.
  3. Wildlife and Exploration: As you go forward, observe the surroundings, and collect materials. Here, you could come across less dangerous creatures.
  4. Find the Wreckage: You’ll find a severely damaged section of a crew compartment after combating animals and traversing a non-toxic water pool.
  5. Explore Sona’s Secret Place: Ascending the pathway, you will come upon a little house tucked away in a crack. Sarah will point out that there is a bonfire nearby that is still warm, suggesting that someone is there.
  6. Meet Sona: Step into the cozy little house to meet Sona, the enigmatic little girl. She may attempt to frighten you off at first, but once you talk to her, you’ll find out that she was born on Cassiopea I and that her parents were survivors of the Dauntless shuttle.

Since then, her parents have died away, so she is the only one who knows about Sarah Morgan.

Finding The 10 Genetags

Sarah will ask for your assistance locating the crew members’ Genetags at a local cemetery. To gather the Genetags, do the following actions: Look for Constellation Guide 03 on the central circular table in the cabin. This guide permanently lowers the amount of oxygen used during motion while carrying too much weight.

Leave Sona’s hiding place and make your way to the garden area to reach the graveyard. Seek a cave tunnel that leads you outside the camp. To get to the Genetags, take the meandering trail that eventually brings you to a wide space topped by a cemetery. To get to the graves and begin collecting the Genetags, use your Boost Pack.

One grave has been toppled and is missing its tag after obtaining nine Genetags. This is the point at which the Greater Silverfish, a dangerous foe, appears. Get ready for a difficult battle since this fish employs sonic missiles and causes a lot of damage up close. It’s best to avoid getting too close to the tombs and use distance assaults to destroy them. Its body contains the final Genetag.

Convince Sona To Leave Or Stay

Starfield In Memoriam Sona
Convince Sona To Leave Or Stay

When the Genetags get back to Cassiopea I, Sarah will seek your help persuading Sona to either go or allow her to remain. Here is where you get to make a decision that will impact the mission’s outcome:

  1. Convince Sona to Leave: Sarah would probably be pleased if you managed to persuade Sona to leave. But if Sona decides to remain, she won’t hold it against you.
  2. Respect Sona’s Wishes: Your relationship with Sarah won’t suffer if you respect Sona’s requests and allow her to remain.

Return To New Atlantis

Now that you have the Genetags safely in your possession and have decided about Sona, it’s time to get back to the MAST District on New Atlantis and give Admiral Logan a briefing and the Genetags. Whether Sona decides to remain on Cassiopea I or return with you will determine what your next actions are.

If Sona Came Back

As Sona acclimates to life in the modern world, she will live in The Lodge of Constellation and get an education from Noel. She is open for visits at any moment.

If Sona Stayed On Cassiopea I

The Colony War memorial in the plaza next to the MAST District is something Sarah will want to see. Regardless of your past decisions and exchanges, here is where you’ll have the chance to strengthen your relationship with Sarah even more. There may come a time in your relationship when Sarah tells you how much she loves you and talks of having a ceremony.


One of Starfield’s best companion missions is In Memoriam, which gives the player an emotional trip while giving Sarah Morgan more nuance. You’ll be able to handle the complexities of the quest, come to terms with Sarah’s background, and strengthen your bond with her if you stick to our guidance.

As you continue your journey through a walkthrough of Starfield‘s vast universe, remember the profound experience of “In Memoriam.” Your choices and actions in this mission are a testament to the depth and complexity of the gaming world, where each decision such as Lazarus plant decision shapes not only the characters’ fates but your own as well.

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