Starfield Entangled Mission – Complete Walkthrough

Starfield Entangled Mission - Complete Walkthrough
Starfield Entangled Mission - Complete Walkthrough

A notable Main Quest in Starfield, “Entangled” is renowned for its terrifying aspects that will chill you to the bone. This mission sends you on an exciting journey through abandoned laboratories and other realms infested with monsters. We’ll go over the walkthrough, important choices, and results of the “Entangled” Main Quest in depth in this article.

Not just any Main Quest, but the 17th one that completes the Final Glimpses quest in Starfield is called Entangled. The adventure starts when players on Hyetta III react to a distress call and go on an exploration mission to solve the mysteries that lie ahead.

Starfield Entangled Mission

Starfield Entangled Mission
Starfield Entangled Mission (Source – Polygon)

When players arrive at Hyetta III close to the Nishina Research Station, they have to interact with the intercom to go in. They are greeted by Ethan Hughes, Chief of Security, who also offers advice on how to approach the Director.

Multiple Endings Await

There are three possible outcomes in Starfield Entangled Mission, and the decisions made throughout the quest decide the ultimate result. We go over each of the three options below:

Endings Based on Choices:

  • Rafael is saved when the Power Interlocks in the Ruins (Alternative Universe) are disengaged, but everyone else is lost.
  • Players may ask Rafael to join their Crew in Starfield if he is rescued.
  • Rafael dies, but everyone else survives when the Station’s Power Interlocks are disengaged.
  • Legendary Gear is given to players by the Director as an appreciation for their bravery.

Nishina Pantry Keycard:

Starfield Entangled Mission
Nishina Pantry Keycard
  • By pursuing the quest marker, players may get the Nishina Pantry Keycard.

Unlocking the Rare Shotgun – Experiment A-7:

  • Players may get the Rare Shotgun, Experiment A-7, which delivers 30% more damage against Aliens, by convincing Ethan during a chat.

Navigating The Director’s Office

Starfield Entangled Mission
Navigating The Director’s Office

Players will regularly switch between the undamaged Station and the Ruins as the mission progresses, so they’ll need to be alert to avoid getting lost. To go to the Director’s Office, do the following actions:

  • Go back to the Ruins once you’ve left the hallway.
  • Turn left for healing and hidden treasure, then turn around and go back.
  • To go to the Director’s office, take the correct path and ascend the stairs.
  • Players will once again proceed to the Research Station before entering, where they will meet Director Patel and Maria to obtain important information.

Fabrication Lab

Starfield Entangled Mission
Fabrication Lab

Follow Maria to the Fabrication Lab to finish the quest. Once again, the Ruins will lure you as you try to enter. Using the mission symbol as a guide, navigate the emergency door and rejoin Rafael. He gives you the Nishina Pantry Keycard, essential to completing the quest.

To advance and get past barriers, players need to:

  • Using the Nishina Pantry Keycard, open the pantry.
  • To go back to the Ruins, exit via the Main Hall.
  • Take down the Cataxi and ask Rafael for advice on how to get the Artifact.
  • Approach the demolished office and you’ll run across Ethan, who wants to know how to go to the Fabrication Lab.

Once they’ve mastered the distortions, players will find themselves alternating between the Research Station and the Ruins often because of the Probe Control Unit they were able to acquire during a brief experiment with Maria. Players may traverse the several Distortions strewn about the Station with the use of this gadget.

The Lockdown Difficulties

Starfield Entangled Mission
The Lockdown Difficulties

To advance on the quest and access new parts, players must overcome the lockdown obstacles:

Unlocking the Facilities Section

  • When you get to the Ruins, use the elevator.
  • To go back to the Research Station, interact with the distortion.
  • Track the quest marker until it leads to a white door that is locked.
  • Use the nearby Distortion to go to the Ruins, then proceed inside to get the Nishina Practice Lab Keycard.
  • To go to a deeper area of the Station, follow the marker and use the available distortions.

Unlocking the Accelerator Section

  • Follow the quest marker to continue moving along the hallway of the particle accelerator.
  • To go from the Ruins to the Emergency entrance and down the Station steps, use two Distortions.
  • Step into the next area and be ready for battle with robots and turrets.
  • Once the dangers have been neutralized, go up the steps to the center platform and apply the Distortion.
  • After going through the emergency door, get the keycard for the Nishina Utility Closet.
  • Utilizing another distortion, make your way back to the station and use the computer to access the Accelerator Control Room’s security system.

Unlocking the Storage Section

  • To access Tunnel Access, follow the quest marker from the Accelerator Section.
  • Enter the cave and ascend the hill at the end by interacting with the internal distortion.
  • Use the distortion at the end of the room after warping to the station and turning left.
  • Proceed forward, overcoming Cataxi adversaries, and ascend one more incline.
  • To access the Distortion, which enables players to use the computer in the Storage Section to Override the Lockdown, follow the quest marker.

Choices and Consequences

Starfield Entangled Mission
Choices and Consequences

Players now have a crucial decision to make that will affect how the quest turns out. With each world having its own set of repercussions, they must choose which one to save:

Choice 1: Disabling the Power Interlocks in the Ruins (Another Universe):

  • Everyone else dies, but Rafael is spared.
  • In Starfield, Rafael may be enlisted to become a member of the player’s Crew.

Choice 2: Disengage the Power Interlocks in the Station:

  • Rafael dies, but everyone else makes it out alive.
  • Players get Legendary Gear as a prize from the Director for their selfless sacrifice.

The Final Steps

Starfield Entangled Mission
Starfield Entangled Mission

Players must deactivate each of the seven identified power interlocks strewn around their chosen reality to get the Artifact. The Starfield Entangled Mission is finally finished when the probe is shut down as a result of this procedure.

Both Truths

It is feasible for players to preserve both realities to reach a more intricate and satisfying conclusion. To do this, do the following actions:

  1. Find Rafael’s corpse in the Station and take the Protocol Slate for the Probe Calibration.
  2. Navigate to the computer room beside Rafael’s corpse in the Ruins.
  3. To begin degaussing in the Ruins, use the Lab Control Computer.
  4. Players must activate and deactivate the Power Interlocks that correspond to the random Power Interlock numbers that the computer will show. These numbers are 3 and 7 in one instance.
  5. Check the computer to make sure the degaussing procedure is complete.
  6. Proceed to the Station and use numbers 4 and 6 to start the degaussing process again.
  7. Verify that the computer’s second Degaussing procedure is successful.
  8. Set 40 GHZ as the Frequency Calibration setting.
  9. Adjust the Frequency to 24 GHZ and warp to the Ruins.
  10. Run to the Artifact and set the Main Calibration in motion.
  11. To initiate the Primary Calibration, use the adjacent Distortion to return to the Station.
  12. See how the two worlds combine to save Rafael and the Station Scientists in the end.


After Completing the Starfield Entangled mission,  you will get the following rewards:

  • 10200 Credits
  • Reactive Experimental Nishina Helmet
  • Incendiary Experimental Nishina Spacesuit
  • 800 XP


Starfield Entangled Mission is a spine-tingling, horror-themed game that will test your ability to make decisions and solve puzzles. This quest has many endings that make it a unique experience in the game. Your choices made throughout the quest will have a big influence on the conclusion. The adventure through the Ruins and Research Station is certain to make a lasting mark on the Starfield walkthroughs, regardless of your goal of saving one reality or both.

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