Starfield Dismiss Companion [Complete Guide]

Starfield Dismiss Companion

You may go on a cosmic visit in the expansive and immersive Starfield universe, exploring the cosmos, finding new locations, and forming relationships with a wide range of people and different walkthroughs in Starfield. These people include allies with whom you may travel across interplanetary space. These allies are people who will accompany you on your adventure, offering support and engaging in conversation as you go; they are not merely non-player characters.

But there could be a day when you have to starfield dismiss companions. To help you get the most out of your cosmic adventures, we’ll explore the ins and outs of discovering and dismissing companions in Starfield in this article.

How To Find Companions In Starfield

Starfield Dismiss Companion
Find Companions In Starfield (Source – Guided)

In Starfield, companions are a priceless addition to your travels, offering you company, camaraderie, and unique experiences. You’ll need to engage with diverse personalities, join categories, and explore different areas inside the Settled Systems in order to discover these companions. Here’s how to find and enlist companions to accompany you on your adventures:

  1. Visit Bars in Major Cities

Bars in the big cities dotting the Settled Systems are one of the main places to meet possible mates. These taverns are often the gathering place for different people who want to go on their separate adventures. You will be able to socialize with these people, find out more about their histories, and maybe even befriend them.

  1. Join Factions

Players in Starfield may choose to affiliate with many factions, each of which has distinct objectives and beliefs. These communities might be great places to start looking for companions who have similar goals and ideals. Joining a faction may help you meet others who share your beliefs and who are eager to travel with you across space.

  1. Interact with NPCs

You may find potential companions by exploring the game area and interacting with the many NPCs there. It’s possible that some of the people you encounter on your travels may want to accompany you on your explorations of the cosmos. Take time to learn about their histories and tales; these people may become devoted companions.

  1. Evaluate Companion Options

It’s critical to assess each possible partner’s unique qualities and skills once you’ve found them. Every companion in Starfield has unique qualities, shortcomings, and personalities. When selecting your friends, keep the following things in mind:

  • Combat Abilities: Certain companions possess exceptional fighting skills, becoming indispensable assets in conflicts and showdowns.
  • Proficiencies and Skills: Your companion may be skilled in diplomacy, hacking, or crafting, among other things.
  • Personal Quests: You may delve further into the character of several companions by exploring their personal quests or narratives during the voyage.
  • Compatibility: Take into account how effectively your chosen companions will support your gaming style and goals.

Starfield Dismiss Companions 

Starfield Dismiss Companions 
Starfield Dismiss Companions

Even while having companions may make Starfield more enjoyable, there may come a point when you’d want to split up with one or more of them. Maybe you wish to travel alone for a bit, or you’ve discovered a more suited travel companion. It’s simple to dismiss companions, but it’s important to know how to do so properly.

  1. Initiate a Conversation

You must first strike up a discussion with your companion before you may dismiss them. Press the chosen button to engage with the companion you want to part ways with as you approach them.

  1. Select the Dismiss Option

Find a dialogue choice that expresses your want to separate ways with your companion throughout your talk. Though the precise words said will depend on the companion, they usually contain something along the lines of “It’s time for us to part ways.” Select this option to initiate the dismissal process.

  1. Confirm the Dismissal

The dismissal option will usually urge you to confirm your selection in the game. Once you confirm your selection, the companion will be freed from their responsibilities and brought back to where they were originally.

  1. Keep Track of Dismissed Companions

It’s crucial to monitor a companion’s whereabouts after you’ve dismissed them. They will return to a designated area or outpost rather than disappear from the game world. To find an expelled friend, do the following actions:

  • Navigate to the Crew Menu: The Crew Menu is available to you in Starfield, and it lists all of your friends along with their current whereabouts.
  • Choose a Location: You have the option to choose a specific outpost or your ship’s partner. This makes it easier to get back together with them later on if you decide to have them accompany you on your excursions.


Companions are essential to making the most of your game experience in the expansive and engrossing world of Starfield. These companions can go with you across space, give helpful support, and present you with unique interactions and hidden treasures. When it’s time to dismiss a companion, the procedure is simple and guarantees that they’ll return to a prearranged spot, making it simple for them to rejoin your group.

Make sure to visit bars, engage with NPCs, and think about joining factions as you travel the Settled Systems to discover companions that share your goals and playstyle. Make the right choices when selecting your Starfield companions to form the best possible team for your interplanetary travels. Each companion has unique abilities, traits, and room for character growth. With your companions at your side, every moment in Starfield will be unforgettable, whether you’re taking on the challenges of the cosmos or discovering the mysteries buried under the stars.

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