Starfield Animal Husbandry Not Showing Up: How To Fix

Survival in the vast and unexplored expanse of space often depends on resource management and creativity. One such resource management feature in the much-anticipated game Starfield is the fascinating Animal Husbandry system. With this strategy, players may take part in the upkeep, reproduction, and resource extraction of space creatures without ever having to go beyond their outposts.

For players who need a consistent flow of biological materials to survive in the hostile conditions of space, it’s a useful tool. However, in your game experience, Starfield Animal Husbandry not showing up. We’ll go into a lot of detail about Starfield Animal Husbandry not showing up in this article, including its requirements, workings, and any problems that could stand in the way of you making use of this abundant resource system.

What Is Animal Husbandry In Starfield?

Starfield Animal Husbandry Not Showing Up
Animal Husbandry In Starfield

The complex system known as Animal Husbandry in Starfield gives players the ability to raise and tend to a wide range of space creatures. This is not just an animal husbandry system; it’s also a resource-generating facility that lets players harvest essential resources from these animals. You must fulfill several requirements to be able to use this feature, such as existing on a livable planet, fully scanning a particular species, obtaining the required power sources, resources, and abilities, and abiding by biome limits.

To establish your own Animal Husbandry Facility, follow these steps:

  1. Build an Animal Husbandry Facility: The creation of an animal husbandry facility is the initial stage. The center of your animal husbandry endeavors is this facility. You’ll need some basic Zoology knowledge and a few key materials to construct it.
  2. Connect to a Greenhouse: A greenhouse is a source of fiber that is necessary for the animals’ requirements and is necessary for ensuring their well-being.
  3. Water Extractor Connection: You must link the facility to a water extractor, which delivers water, to meet their demands for hydration.
  4. Select Animals and Byproducts: Following the facility’s connection to electricity and other supplies, you may decide which animals to grow and what kinds of byproducts to make.
  5. Gather Byproducts: The storage space adjacent to the plant makes it easy to gather the byproducts the business generates. These materials are adaptable and may be sold to other players for money or utilized to construct a wide range of goods.

Why Is Starfield Animal Husbandry Not Showing Up?

Starfield Animal Husbandry Not Showing Up
Starfield Animal Husbandry Not Showing Up (Source – TheNatureHero)

As fascinating as Animal Husbandry seems, to access it in your Starfield gaming, you need to fulfill a few requirements. To diagnose and handle any difficulties, it is essential to understand why Starfield Animal Husbandry not showing up. The following are some typical explanations for why Animal Husbandry could not appear in your game:

1. Wrong Planet

  • Animal husbandry is only accessible on planets that can support animal life or fauna. You will not be able to set up an Animal Husbandry Facility on an inappropriate or desolate planet.
  • Use the Starmap’s Habitable icon to locate a hospitable planet.

2. Incomplete Scanning

  • To do animal husbandry, you need to have 100% of the animal species scanned. This implies that you must thoroughly scan a minimum of one kind of animal.
  • You may complete the scanning procedure using a hand scanner, and it’s important to collect detailed information on the animals you want to raise.

3. Skill Requirement

  • Players must spend skill points in the Zoology skill area to play Animal Husbandry. To be more precise, you need to spend skill points in the Science skill area to earn the Zoology skill, which is required to unlock Animal Husbandry at a minimum level of 1.
  • Investing in Outpost Engineering may also expedite the establishment of infrastructure for animal husbandry.

4. Lack of Resources

  • You cannot start with the construction of an animal husbandry facility without the necessary resources. 4x Aluminum, 1x Reactive Gauge, 2x Adaptive Frames, and 1x Sealant are important resources.

5. Connect To Power

  • It’s essential to connect the facility to power sources and the required resources to guarantee both the animals’ well-being and the facility’s correct operation. This entails connecting the building to a water extractor and a greenhouse to get necessary resources like fiber and water.
  • It is possible to build these connections using a variety of techniques, such as Transfer Containers, Storage Containers, and additional power sources.

6. Biome Limitations

  • Not every species is suited for being raised in an outpost. The planet’s ecosystem may place restrictions on certain organisms.
  • Players should check their scanner for animals that have the label “Outpost production allowed” to verify compatibility. According to this designation, these animals are suitable for use in animal husbandry.

It’s important to consider the likelihood of a game malfunction or technical problem if, after checking and addressing all of the above requirements, Animal Husbandry is still not available during your Starfield playtime.


If Starfield Animal Husbandry not showing up in your Starfield walkthrough even after carefully checking and debugging all of the above-specified requirements, there’s a chance that a glitch in the game or a technical problem is to blame. Consider the following actions under such circumstances:

  • Restart the Game: Occasionally, you may fix little flaws or problems by just beginning the game again. Restarting Starfield after closing it may assist in changing the game’s atmosphere and perhaps opening Animal Husbandry.
  • Contact Bethesda Support: The Bethesda support team can help gamers if they continue to have issues. When it comes to technical issues with the game, support personnel, and game developers may look into the matter, provide advice, and provide fixes.

To sum up, Animal Husbandry in Starfield is intriguing and practical. In conclusion, Stanfield’s Animal Husbandry function is an intriguing and worthwhile addition that deepens the gaming experience. Players may guarantee a consistent supply of organic materials by rearing animals and gathering their byproducts, which will make surviving in the vastness of space easier.

To activate this feature, however, you must fulfill several requirements, including existing on a livable planet, identifying the appropriate wildlife, and obtaining the required knowledge and assets. You may completely profit from Animal Husbandry in Starfield and flourish in the demanding environment of deep space travel by following the instructions provided in this guide and resolving any possible problems.

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