Which Among Remnant 2 Survivor Vs Veteran Is A Better Choice?

Remnant 2: Difficulty Levels
Remnant 2: Difficulty Levels

Choosing the right difficulty level in Remnant 2 holds a crucial value in enhancing your gaming experience. The vast Worlds of Remnant 2 consists of numerous haunting dungeons full of haunting enemies eager to knock you down. Also, the game offers tons of quests that can be pretty challenging for a new gamer.

For the ease of players, Remnant 2 has allowed players to choose the difficulty level according to their expertise. Confused between Remnant 2 Survivor vs Veteran? Don’t worry, here’s a comprehensive guide, that will take you Remnant 2 difficulty system, helping you pick up the most suitable difficulty level.

What Are the Difficulty Options Available In Remnant 2?

Remnant 2: Difficulty Levels
Remnant 2: Difficulty Levels

Starting your Remnant 2 journey to save the Worlds from the Root invasion requires you to choose a difficulty level before character building. Fortunately, similar to archetypes, which you can switch once you have unlocked your desired secret archetype, you can also change the Difficulty level anytime in the game.

As you begin the game, you will be provided with three difficulty options. For those who have played the Remnant 1 Ashes of War, these difficulty levels are more or less the same, with just different names. Here are all the difficulty options available in Remnant 2:

The only difference between these difficulty levels and those from Remnant 1 is that Normal is now named Survivor and Hard as Veteran. Among all these difficulty levels, as you begin the game, you won’t be able to see Apocalypse.

The reason for Apocalypse not being on the list as you begin your Remnant 2 journey, is that it’s an extremely difficult one to play. Though the quests and major bosses throughout Apocalypse’s difficulty remain the same as those in any other difficulty level, the enemies you will encounter are far more life-threatening, therefore, you need to be extremely good to be able to survive here.

To unlock Apocalypse, you first need to complete Remnant 2 in any other difficulty points. As you do this you will gain experience points, and with those experience points, you will be able to get access to the Apocalypse difficulty level, so you can then have all the thrill you were ever craving for. Including the Apocalypse, here’s a quick overview of all the difficulty settings in Remnant 2:

Difficulty Enemy DMG(%) Enemy HP (%) Boss HP (%) Boss DMG (%) Exp (%)
Survivor 100 100 100 100 100
Veteran 165 150 165 165 115
Nightmare 350 250 312.5 262.5 130
Apocalypse 450 275 412.5 405 150

Which Among Veteran or Survivor Is A Better Choice?

Remnant 2 Survivor Vs Veteran
Remnant 2: Difficulty Levels

Among the four difficulty levels available in Remnant 2, Nightmare and Apocalypse are for those who already have a lot of expertise in exploring the Worlds. However, for newcomers, choosing the right difficulty level always creates confusion, whether they should go for Survivor or Veteran as both of them are more or less the same.

Both these difficulty levels are good for the start, but here’s an overview regarding both the levels, that will help you to align your Remnant 2 experience with your interests.


Survivor in Remnant 2 is the easiest playing level. However, being the easiest doesn’t at all mean that it won’t put you in front of haunting enemies with the potential to tear your character apart. Whether it’s Yaesha or Harvester’s Reach, the main bosses remain the same, it’s just that with the right approach and strategy you will be able to take the bosses out with less effort than required.

Thus, if you are confused regarding whether challenges in Survivor class may make your Remnant 2 experience boring, that’s not true at all. You will have to put the same effort into obtaining Dreamcatcher as much as in other difficulty levels but with a little less effort and threat to your survival, you will be able to pull it off.

The only disadvantage of playing at the Survivor level is that completing the game at any other difficulty level unlocks two powerful weapons that are of great benefit. Apart from this, if you are looking to kick start your Remnant 2 journey, Survivor can be a great choice.


Veteran in Remnant 2 is one step ahead of Survivor. Not among the toughest ones, this difficulty level still manages to put you in so many challenging situations where you need to come up with a good execution to survive. Though the Bosses and Quests are similar to Survivor or any other harder class, here things are much tougher than those in Survivor.

When playing in Veteran difficulty you’ll be able to level up much faster as compared to that in Survivor difficulty. Also, completing Remnant 2 in Veteran difficulty gets you two powerful weapons that are Smolder and Spore Bloom.

How To Change Difficulty Level In Remnant 2?

Reroll Campaign
Remnant 2: Reroll Campaign

Fortunately, unlike many other RPGs or Soulslikes games, Remnant 2 allows players to change the difficulty level anywhere in the middle of the game. Another good thing about this feature is that this change in your difficulty level will not affect the level or progress of your character in Remnant 2, and you can start from the same advancement. Here’s how you can reroll the campaign, to change your Remnant 2 difficulty level:

  • Open your Remnant 2 map, and rush towards Ward 13.
  • Reaching Ward 13, access “Use Checkpoint Crystal”.
  • Click on World Settings.
  • Click on Reroll Campaign.
  • You can now choose the difficulty level.


If you’re still confused about which among Remnant 2 Survivor vs Veteran you should opt for, here’s the simple solution. If you are entirely new to Soulslike game or playing Remnant 2 for the first time and have not played any previous franchise, then opt for Survivor. This will help you understand the overall game mechanics. Once, you’ve understood the game, then jump to the Veteran mode as there’s no point in staying at the lowest difficulty level.


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