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In this blog, we provided detailed information about the Pokemon Unite Game. We discussed the story and mechanics of this game for beginners as well.

Pokemon UNITE is a Multi-player Online Battle Arena Game. It is the latest game of the Pokemon series. It was released back in July 2021 for Nintendo Switch and September 2021 for Android and IOS. It is a Free-to-play game by TiMi Studio Group and was officially published by The Pokemon Company. With more than 80 million copies downloaded in total.

Let us dive into the world of Pokemon Unite Walkthrough Chapter 1 and cover the various aspects of Pokemon Unite Wiki in the following blog.


Let us talk a little about how to play the Pokemon Unite mobile game and what it is about. It is a multi-player game, which means the battles will be conducted among two teams, with each team consisting of five players. The duration of a single match is set to ten short minutes. The game surely is speeding up. There is a mode of Quick battles as well, with a lesser number of players in the team and a smaller arena to perform. These quick battles have a duration of 5 minutes to finish the match.

At the end of the match, the team with higher scores will win. If the match scores are similar or it’s a tie, then the team who reached the final score first will be considered the winner of the match.

If in an online match of Pokemon UNITE, the team of opponents surrenders, then the team playing against the surrenders will be considered a winner. It is important to note that the team needs majority voting to surrender; otherwise, one player can’t surrender on the team’s behalf.

Initially, you will be choosing the weaker Pokemon with limited moves and attacks to play the game. With the passage of time, as the Pokemon help capture wild-type Pokemon and defeat the Pokemons of opponents, they will get new and better attacks and power-ups to become stronger.


You will be getting a 3D animated menu screen. After the Cutscenes, the main menu lets you choose your trainer name and welcomes you to Aeos Island with a note on the top. Then comes the character-making. Just like in the Pokemon series, the options for characters are very few, and the skin colors are very limited, but it seems like they have a skin for everyone.

After choosing your character, face, and hair color, you will have only two outfit options: Purple Unite Set and Orange Unite Set. After making your avatar, you will be given an ID.

The story begins here, and battles are to be started with Pikachu, of course. Unlike “Type” Systems, which were used in previous games of Pokemon for telling the effectiveness of one Pokemon to another, we noticed that this game used “Unite Mode” with attacks to unlock with each level up in the game. Every Pokemon is given specific moves to fight against others.

pokemon unite walkthrough
pokemon unite walkthrough

The cutscenes and story have a longer time in the games, unlike the previous games of Pokemon. You are to choose from 58 different Pokemon with Blaziken as a new settler in Pokemon UNITE.


Pokemon UNITE starts off with a scene of a battle between Pokemon, and the story begins with Professor Phorus welcoming the player/ Pokemon trainer to the Island of Aeos. Professor Phorus is the head of the Aeos Research Institute, where she is researching a mysterious energy called Aeos Energy, which is to be found in many places on Aeos Island. She tells you about Unite Battles that in these Pokemon battles, the Aeos energy is used by Pokemons during the fight, but there are many rules and regulations to follow regarding these tournaments.

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She then refers the player to another professor named Erbie. He has to explain the rules to the players. He will do it from time to time in the cut scenes, and here, the battle begins for practices first. Pikachu is given to the player for the very first time to begin with.

If you happen to win the first battle, your Pikachu might evolve into Charmeleon. The story begins here, and she tells about EXP, which are points you get when you defeat the Pokemon. Without more spoilers, we will let you explore the story yourself to enjoy.

Pokemon UNITE list of Pokemon

Pokemons in this game is divided into five small categories, which are as follows.

All-rounder Pokemons

All-rounder Pokemons are those who are all-rounder in their moves, which means they have great defense and attack systems. Among 58, there are only four All-rounder Pokemons in Pokemon UNITE.

Attacker Pokemons

They have less capacity to last long after great damage, but they are able to give heavy damage to the Pokemon in the opponent no matter how far the opponent is. They can attack from a relatively longer distance as compared to others.

Defender Pokemons

They have a great ability to defend themselves from strong attacks. They can also protect their team members, which are other Pokemons, against their opponents.

Speedster Pokemons

They are the type of Pokemon that are faster and swifter in offense rates. This Quality is better to kill the wild types and get more EXP.

Supporter pokemon

They are the type of Pokemon that support their teammates by healing them during the matches. They also assist the fellows to win the match.

Under these categories, only 58 Pokemons are enlisted to date in Pokemon UNITE, which are:

Name Type
Venusaur Attacker pokemon
Charizard All-Rounder Pokemon
Blastoise Defender Pokemon
Pikachu Attacker Pokemon
Clefable Supporter Pokemon
Alolan Ninetales Attacker Pokemon
Wigglytuff Supporter Pokemon
Machamp All-Rounder Pokemon
Slowbro Defender Pokemon
Dodrio Speedster Pokemon
Gengar Speedster Pokemon
Mr. Mime Supporter Pokemon
Lapras Defender Pokemon
Snorlax Defender Pokemon
Dragonite All-Rounder Pokemon
Mewtwo Attacker Pokemon
Mew Attacker Pokemon
Azumarill All-Rounder Pokemon
Espeon Attacker Pokemon
Umbreon Defender Pokemon
Scizor All-Rounder Pokemon
Blissey Supporter Pokemon
Tyranitar All-Rounder Pokemon
Blaziken Attacker Pokemon
Gardevoir Attacker Pokemon
Sableye Supporter Pokemon
Absol Speedster Pokemon
Garchomp All-Rounder Pokemon
Lucario All-Rounder Pokemon
Leafeon All-Rounder Pokemon
Glaceon Attacker Pokemon
Mamoswine Defender Pokemon
Crustle Defender Pokemon
Zoroark Attacker Pokemon
Chandelure Attacker Pokemon
Delphox Attacker Pokemon
Greninja Attacker Pokemon
Talonflame Speedster Pokemon
Aegislash All-Rounder Pokemon
Sylveon Attacker Pokemon
Goodra Defender Pokemon
Trevenant Defender Pokemon
Hoopa Supporter Pokemon
Decidueye Attacker Pokemon
Tsareena All-Rounder Pokemon
Comfey All-Rounder Pokemon
Mimikyu Defender Pokemon
Buzzwole All-Rounder Pokemon
Zeraora Speedster Pokemon
Cinderace Attacker Pokemon
Inteleon Speedster Pokemon
Greedent Defender Pokemon
Eldegoss Supporter Pokemon
Cramorant Attacker Pokemon
Duraludon Attacker Pokemon
Dragapult Attacker Pokemon
Zacian All-Rounder Pokemon
Urshifu All-Rounder Pokemon


No matter which Pokemon you choose to play with, you will be better in the game with regularity and experience. To conclude, I would say it is a simple-to-play game with less complexity and rocket science. For Mobile phone gamers, it’s a top-tier game to have fun with.

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