Destiny 2: New Imbaru Engine Puzzle Solution

Destiny 2, a well-known first-person shooter game played online with multiplayer support, debuted the enigmatic Imbaru Engine, a mysterious area connected to the infamous Witch Queen Savathun. The New Imbaru Engine Puzzle Solution, formerly the center of her evil schemes, is now a testing area for Guardians looking to show how good they are. We’ll give you an in-depth overview of how to use the Imbaru Engine and overcome its many challenges in this guide to equip you with the skills you need to succeed in Destiny 2’s newest ethereal area.

How To Access The New Imbaru Engine Puzzle Solution In Destiny 2

 New Imbaru Engine Puzzle Solution
Access The New Imbaru Engine Puzzle Solution In Destiny 2 (Source – TheGamer)

The Imbaru Engine, a mysterious area connected to Savathun, the Witch Queen, is first seen in Destiny 2. It was formerly connected to her evil plans, but nowadays Guardians use it as a trial ground. There are many steps involved in getting to this mysterious place.

  1. The Bladed Path quest, which is a component of the Destiny 2 narrative, allows you to unlock the Imbaru Engine in week 5. Continue playing the game until you get to this stage.
  2. From the menu inside the game, launch the Director. This will serve as your entry point to all of Destiny 2’s locations and activities.
  3. Locate the H.E.L.M. in the Director (this stands for “Headquarters of the Last City Militia”). This is where the Imbaru Engine entrance is located.
  4. The Imbaru Engine position may be chosen from inside the H.E.L.M. To enter this fascinating realm, click on it.

After gaining access to the Imbaru Engine, you may now go ahead and finish the several tests that are there. We’ll go over each test’s solution in depth below.

How To Solve The Imbaru Engine Test Of Cunning

New Imbaru Engine Puzzle Solution
The Imbaru Engine Test Of Cunning

The Imbaru Engine’s initial mission is called the Test of Cunning. Your ability to distinguish between chests that hold riches and those that are scams will be put to the test when you take this challenge. To effectively complete this challenge, adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. The ‘A Gift of Cunning’ card is required to begin this test. This card is located in the Athenaeum and may be accessed via the H.E.L.M. portal. Before moving on, make sure you retrieve the card.
  2. Use the Director to go to the Imbaru Engine position in the H.E.L.M. You’ll find two chests inside; one is legitimate, while the other is a trap that Savathun created.
  3. A unique Hive Rune will identify the genuine chest. When you open it, a fresh wave of adversaries appears.
  4. Locate the chests that have the corresponding sign, keeping in mind that they may not always be easily visible. It could take some exploring and verticality to find them.

After you’ve located and unlocked every proper chest in the phase, more adversaries will appear. Locate and open the appropriate chests once again. Once you’ve finished it, you’ll be able to pass the Cunning Test and get treasure and knowledge as payment.

How To Solve The Imbaru Engine Test Of Strength

New Imbaru Engine Puzzle Solution
The Imbaru Engine Test Of Strength

The Test of Cunning is followed by the Test of Strength. It has additional obstacles and calls for distinct actions to overcome:

  1. To begin this test, get the “A Gift of Strength” card. This card, in contrast to the last one, has to be found in the Savathun’s Spire action in the Director. Search for it close to the mission’s conclusion.
  2. Proceed as previously to reach the Imbaru Engine site. You are under no need to, but if you so choose, finish the Test of Cunning. Approach the door leading to the Strength Test.
  3. There is a shining sphere on the floor in the chamber connected to the Test of Strength. To start the test, engage with it.
  4. The goal is to remove hive opponents in the exact sequence as they will emerge on indicated arrows.
  5. Use “Deepsight Vision” by interacting with the luminous sphere to ascertain the proper beginning place. This displays white footsteps that lead to the first adversary. Take it out and go to the next target by following the arrow’s direction.

Continue taking out adversaries in the prescribed sequence. Take care not to kill the incorrect person since unstoppable Shriekers will attack again, forcing you to restart. You will summon war and finish the Test of Strength if you have completed the procedure.

How To Solve The Imbaru Engine Test Of Navigation

New Imbaru Engine Puzzle Solution
The Imbaru Engine Test Of Navigation

The Imbaru Engine’s next test is the Test of Navigation. This challenge requires the ‘A Gift of Navigation’ card to be completed. This is how you get over it:

  1. Use the Director’s H.E.L.M. to access the Alters of Summoning activity. A statue of the Hive clutching a crystal may be found during one of the fight parts.
  2. Locate the ‘A Gift of Navigation’ card by shooting the crystal, then open it at the Athenaeum’s Lectern of Divination.
  3. Go back to where you were at the Imbaru Engine. Approach the Test of Navigation location.
  4. Press the hive magic button when the Challenge of Navigation opens. You’ll arrive in a chamber filled with different Hive emblems.
  5. Shooting the right sign will open a sequence of portals, which you must then navigate through. If you shoot the incorrect symbol, you will fail and have to restart. As you go, the difficulty becomes harder and harder.

Keep an eye on the locations of the symbols since some can be hidden. To fire them and pass through the portals, find the right angle. You have to leap to different platforms in the last chamber such that they line up with the doors. To access the last portal, shoot the symbol that corresponds with the reference. Go through this last portal to finish the Navigation Test.

How To Solve The Imbaru Engine Test Of Lies

New Imbaru Engine Puzzle Solution
The Imbaru Engine Test Of Lies

The hardest task in the Imbaru Engine is the Test of Lies. To take the test, you must first collect the Arcana minor card. This is how you finish it:

  1. In the Altar of Feracity area of the Altars of Summoning, retrieve the minor Arcana card perched atop a pillar.
  2. After gathering the card, go to the Athenaeum to unlock it.
  3. Go back to where the Imbaru Engine is. Climb the spire until you get to the door that leads to the Navigation Test.
  4. You will discover three braziers in this room. Gather flames for every brazier—which are strewn around the Season of the Witch—for each one. Every brazier offers a clue as to where the matching flame might be found.
  5. Use the gathered flames to light the braziers. This will unlock a door that leads to the Test of Lies, the last puzzle chamber.

Hive runes border the room’s edges, and a luminous triangle emerges at its front. It’s your job to turn on the appropriate symbols in the right sequence, then use the triangle to verify your response.

The following is the sequence in which the symbols must be activated:

Front Half of the Room:

  1. The first symbol is from the left.
  2. The center contains the second symbol.
  3. The third symbol is from the right.

Rear Half of the Room:

  1. The fourth symbol on the left
  2. The middle fifth symbol.
  3. The sixth symbol is from the right.

To solve the puzzle, activate the triangle. You’ll see more of Savathun’s mysteries as a chamber opens.


In Destiny 2, the Imbaru Engine is an intriguing addition to the game that presents a variety of tasks and difficulties that call for cunning and perseverance to finish. You may solve the Test of Cunning, Test of Strength, Test of Navigation, and Test of Lies by following these methods, which will help you unlock the secrets and get legendary masks in Destiny 2 including Tormentor Mask and Clovis Bray Mask which will help you in your gameplay.

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