Emote Wheel Remnant 2 – How to get and Access Emotes

Emote Wheel Remnant 2

Do you want to spice up your Remnant 2 experience with Emote Wheel? While communicating, emojis are a terrific alternative to voice chat.

The highly anticipated Remnant 2—the follow-up to the best-selling Remnant: From the Ashes—transports you into terrifying regions populated with dangerous creatures and godlike foes.

The goal of this terrifying voyage is the same whether you go on it alone or with two friends: to explore the unfathomable abyss and battle the evil forces that threaten reality itself.

The Emote Wheel—Your Quick Communication Tool

In Remnant 2, the emote wheel is a useful on-screen interface that allows you to swiftly pass on important informational updates to fellow players. You may convey your desires or ambitions by selecting one of five callouts with a few clicks, such as requesting your squad to follow you or specifying the type of ammo you want.

It’s your go-to resource for maintaining smooth communication throughout a battle.

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How to Access Emote Wheel

Emotes are a fun and engaging way to communicate with gestures and animations. Here’s how to access the emote wheel, depending on your platform.

Remnant 2 Emote Wheel
Remnant 2 Emote Wheel (Source – Game Skinny)

For PC Players

  • Hold G to bring up the menu wheel.
  • Use your mouse to select either Emote 1 or Emote 2 from the available options.
  • Yourself Expression: To use an emote, left-click on the one you want to use.

For PlayStation Players

  • Hold down the D-pad, and a menu wheel will appear.
  • Use the right stick to navigate: Find Emote 1 or Emote 2 with the right analog stick, then choose one with R1.
  • Display Emotions: Repeatedly pressing R1 will activate the chosen emote.

For Xbox Players

  • Holding down the D-pad will bring up a menu wheel.
  • Use the right stick to navigate: Find Emote 1 or Emote 2 with the right analog stick, then choose RB.
  • Express Your Emotions: To activate the selected emote, press RB once more.

Variety of Emotes

In Remnant 2, you may express yourself and engage with other players by using a variety of emotes and voice lines. What Emotes one and Emotes 2 allow you to do is as follows:

Emotes 1 Wheel

  • Yes
  • This Way
  • No
  • Clap
  • Wave
  • Laugh
  • Cheer
  • Beckon

Emotes 2 Wheel

  • Praise The Gun
  • Fail
  • High Five
  • Confused
  • Exhausted

These emotes can be used in a number of situations. You may celebrate a triumph with a joyous “Praise the Gun,” or you can brighten your teammate’s spirits with a happy clap. Just remember to utilize them sparingly because being trapped into emotes might make you less efficient in the game. So have fun and express yourself in Remnant 2!


The Emote Wheel in Remnant 2 adds a dynamic and expressive layer to your gameplay. These emotes and speech lines let you communicate quickly and effectively, whether you’re coordinating with your squad, celebrating a win, or simply having fun. However, don’t overdo it, as utilizing too many emotes can lower your gaming effectiveness.

In the midst of epic battles and tough adventures in the Remnant 2 world, embrace your attribute, use it wisely, and let your individuality shine. It’s a useful tool for encouraging collaboration and fraternity in the face of dreadful opponents.


What does the Emote Wheel in Remnant 2 do?

In Remnant 2, an on-screen interface known as the Emote Wheel allows for quick communication via emojis and gestures. It’s a flexible tool for expressing yourself in-game.

How can I utilize the Emote Wheel on my PC?

The Emote Wheel is simple to use on a PC. Simply hold down the G key to reveal the menu wheel, then use the mouse to pick either Emote 1 or Emote 2, and then use the left mouse button to activate the selected emote.

How can I access the PlayStation Emote Wheel?

The menu wheel is activated by holding down the D-pad, allowing PlayStation players to easily access the Emote Wheel. With the right stick, pick Emote 1 or Emote 2, and then utilize the selected emote by pressing R1.

How can I access the Xbox Emote Wheel?

On an Xbox, players may access the Emote Wheel by holding down the D-pad while the menu wheel is open. Using the right stick, pick Emote 1 or Emote 2, and then utilize the selected emote by pressing RB.

What Remnant 2 emotes are you familiar with?

Remnant 2 has emotes such as Yes, No, Clap, Wave, Laugh, Praise The Gun, High Five, and more. Using these gestures and emotions, you may communicate and interact with other players in a number of in-game settings. Just be careful not to overuse them in order to maintain maximum gaming performance.

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