How To Get Instinct V2 In Blox Fruits

Players are always on the edge of their seats when new features and improvements are introduced in the constantly changing world of gaming. Instinct V2, the much-awaited improved version of its predecessor Instinct, is one of these breakthroughs. With its abundance of improved features, Instinct V2, which was unveiled in Update 15, promises to be a game-changing experience. The goal of this article is to provide a thorough analysis of how to get Instinct V2 in Blox Fruits, including everything from its acquisition method to its wide range of skills and tactical subtleties.

How To Get Instinct V2 In Blox Fruits

How To Get Instinct V2 In Blox Fruits
How To Get Instinct V2 In Blox Fruits (Source – Blox-Fruits.Fandom)

Reaching the full power of Instinct V2 requires completing the difficult Hungry Man Quest, a multi-part questline found only in the Third Sea. But before beginning this mission, players need to fulfill a few requirements:


  1. Character Level: Reach a strong point total of 1,800 or above.
  2. Max Instinct V1: Reach 5,000 Instinct V1 experience points.
  3. Currency Stash: Have more than 5,000,000 MoneyIcon in your possession.
  4. Musketeer Hat: To start the Instinct V2 acquisition procedure, you must successfully finish the Citizen’s Quest to receive the Musketeer Hat.

After fulfilling these requirements, players may start the Hungry Man Quest and work their way through obstacles to finally get the much sought-after Instinct V2.

The Hungry Man Quest

How To Get Instinct V2 In Blox Fruits
The Hungry Man Quest
  • Apple (Floating Turtle): Go to the Floating Turtle, which is located on “Turtle Mountain,” which is reachable via the Portal World Warp. The Apple is perched on a hill next to the Hungry Man.
  • Banana (Great Tree): The Banana may be found on the slope closest to Hydra Island. Make your way there.
  • Pineapple (Port Town): Look for the pineapple when you visit Port Town. It’s inside a stall next to the Pistol Billionaires.

Note: In these regions, fruits spawn every ten minutes.

Upon successfully obtaining the Apple, Banana, and Pineapple, the next action is to speak with the Citizen. This person is essential to the quest’s advancement. This is what you must do:

  1. Go to Port Town, the Great Tree, and the Floating Turtle.
  2. Retrieve the pineapple, banana, and apple from their designated areas.
  3. Verify that you have the Musketeer Hat accessory.

Placing the fruits in a dish is initiated by speaking with the Citizen. This is a very important step because if you try to offer the Hungry Man the three fruits straight, you will get the following conversation prompt: “That’s great that you discovered three fruits, but I’m a fussy eater. Could you please put this in a dish for me to eat?” This indicates how important it is to exhibit the fruits more elegantly.

Musketeer Hat

Players must have gotten the Musketeer Hat item for the Citizen to effectively place the fruits into a bowl. The accomplishment of this quest phase requires the use of this headwear. Before you continue, make sure that you have obtained and put on the Musketeer Hat.

The Instinct V2 Skill Set

How To Get Instinct V2 In Blox Fruits
The Instinct V2 Skill Set

A variety of powerful new powers in Instinct V2 greatly expand the player’s potential. Now let’s explore the nuances of these skills:

V2 Ken Haki: Players that possess Instinct V2 are endowed with the ability of Ken Haki V2, which enables them to get comprehensive knowledge about other players.

Improved Ram Mechanics: Combat benefits from Instinct V2’s revolutionary dodge system include significant advantages:

  • Quicker Recharge: Take advantage of a 10-second dodge recharge time cut (40 seconds vs 50 seconds).
  • Greater Speed Increase: In battle situations, Instinct V2 gives dashes a 50% speed increase, allowing for quick and deft moves.

Increased Range of Detection: With a far wider detection range than its predecessor, Instinct V2 gives players the ability to identify opponents further away, improving their situational awareness.

Greater Luminosity: When Instinct V2 is in use, it guarantees a better-quality gaming experience than Instinct V1 since it has less blurring and more brightness.

Tactical information: During the battle, Instinct V2 offers vital tactical information.

  • Darkened Icons: To provide the player with a visual hint, icons that represent skills or objects owned by other players become dark while in use.
  • Move Observation: Using exclamation points and a recognizable white glow, players can see when opponents are charging or holding up movements, giving them a tactical edge in anticipating their next move.

Graphics Effects: An immersive element is added to the game experience when the player’s eyes produce a light effect based on their Aura color or a trail while they are moving during Instinct V2 activation.

Players who want to enhance their Instinct skills may do so by spending 5,000,000 MoneyIcon on the expensive Pale Scarf. The player’s strategic ability is enhanced by this scarf, which grants benefits including an incredible tenfold increase in vision range and two more Instinct dodges.

One interesting feature of Instinct V2 is that it may give players a 50% dash speed boost when they aggressively pursue escaping opponents during battle. A ring indication visibly indicates this, adding dynamism to in-game activities.


The centerpiece of Update 15, Instinct V2, is a game-changer that completely alters the way that players interact with the game. Players who complete the challenging objectives and immerse themselves in the complexities of the Hungry Man Quest will be able to access a potent tool that not only improves fighting skills but also adds complexity and excitement to their virtual adventure.

The Pale Scarf’s prospective improvements and the irreversible update to V2 further cemented its position as a crucial tool for players. The virtual world changes as the gaming community learns more about Instinct V2, presenting fresh chances and challenges for those prepared to make use of its unmatched capabilities.

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