Defeating the Mire Terror: A Guide to Victory in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Cal Kestis embarks on a quest to secure a new home for himself and his companions. Along the way, players encounter a variety of formidable bosses, both as part of the main storyline and through optional exploration. Among these powerful bosses, the Mire Terror stands out as a challenging Legendary Boss, presenting a formidable obstacle for the brave Jedi Knight.

What makes the Mire Terror, particularly legendary boss is not only its combat prowess but also the support it receives during the battle, adding an extra layer of complexity to this intense encounter in the Star Wars universe. This guide is your way to get Mire Terror and defeat him to earn rewards.

Who Is Mire Terror In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Mire Terror in Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Mire Terror in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the quest to “Defeat the Mire Terror” becomes a prominent rumor upon Cal’s third visit to Koboh. Following the completion of the mission to “Locate Brother Armias” in Jedha, Mosey, a character in the game, informs Cal about a perilous Mogu situated in the swamps—the Mire Terror. This rumor sets the stage for a challenging encounter, inviting players to take on the formidable boss in the landscape of the Viscid Bog.

The Mire Terror emerges as a formidable challenge, constituting a gripping encounter against two strong Mogu Trolls. This legendary boss battle unfolds within the atmospheric Viscid Bog area, demanding players to harness the Lift and Slam powers to access the battleground. As a pivotal enemy in the game, the Mire Terror’s fearsome reputation is well-earned, testing players’ combat prowess and strategic abilities in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Where To Find Mire Terror In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

location of mire terror
Location of Mire Terror

You can find The Mire Terror in Star Wars Jedi Survivor when Cal will have his third visit to Koboh where he will hear about the boss rumor. The first step you need to do is to unlock the Fore Ability Lift and Slam. Go to the Viscid Bog Meditation Point after unlocking this ability.

Upon reaching the Viscid Bog Meditation Point, players should utilize a zipline to traverse further into the bog. The zipline leads to a platform puzzle that requires the use of Force Lift in Mire Terror Jedi Survivor.

Viscid Bog
Locate Mire Terror in Viscid Bog

You will see a pole on the left side of the rock formation from the zipline. After overcoming these challenges, players will discover a Force Echo granting the Abominable Bogling Data Entry. Finally, players can go down to encounter the formidable Mire Terror and its Mogu companion.

How To Defeat Mire Terror In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Defeat Mire Terror
Defeat Mire Terror in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Defeating the Mire Terror in Star Wars Jedi Survivor in combat presents a considerable challenge, but mastering its attack patterns is crucial for a successful encounter. Understanding these specific attacks enhances combat effectiveness.

Attack Patterns

Some of his attacks include:

  • Aggressive Charge:  players must be prepared for the Aggressive Charge, where both Mogu trolls charge simultaneously. While most attacks are blockable, grabs are an exception, requiring players to dodge or counter.
  • Grab Attack: Watch for the red highlight signaling a grab attempt to avoid Mire Terror.
  • Parry-able Attacks: Taking an offensive stance, players can parry the slow and telegraphed attacks of Mogu Trolls, causing stamina damage.
  • Mind Control Response: Jedi utilizing the Mind Control ability can turn the tide by causing affected trolls to be attacked by their ally temporarily, providing a strategic advantage in the heat of battle with the Mire Terror.


Make Mogu and Mire Terror Fight with each other.
Make Mogu and Mire Terror Fight with each other.

The Mire Terror boss battle is tough because it fights alongside a stronger Mogu. The additional Mogu without horns should be the initial target, as its elimination significantly eases the difficulty of the battle. Exploit its weaknesses, such as severing its arms during grabs, while maintaining a safe distance.

To gain an advantage in this battle area, players can employ a strategic use of Cal’s Mind Trick ability. Upon entering, approach the wandering Mogu and initiate Mind Trick. This causes the Mogu to perceive the Mire Terror as its enemy, leading it to attack.

It’s essential to reapply Mind Trick whenever the Mogu turns towards Cal, as the effect wears off after a short duration. This tactical use of Mind Trick turns the enemies against each other, causing Mogu to fall because of attacks from Mire Terror.

You can also utilize Cal’s Slow Time Ability to freeze both enemies temporarily, enabling you to eliminate the gray Mogu first with lower health.

Dodge the Mire Terror’s range rock-throw attack by positioning the Mogu strategically, causing it to absorb the damage. Once the Mogu is defeated, face the Mire Terror one-on-one. Maintain total health to withstand the boss’s potent combos that induce stun.

Mire Terror in Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Mire Terror in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Transitioning to the Mire Terror, be cautious of its aggressive moves, particularly the grabbing and ground pound attack. Jump to evade the ground pound and swiftly move to the side during its mud toss. The Mire Terror mirrors standard Mogu attacks but adds a potent four-hit combo with a delayed third strike. Master the timing for parrying and maintain a cautious playstyle to overcome the Mire Terror’s relentless attacks.

Mire Terror Defeated
Mire Terror Defeated

Attack from the back or sides to avoid the brunt of its powerful head-on-arm swipe. Dodge the occasional ground pound attack, jumping over shockwaves and closing in during the boss’s recovery for effective counterattacks. This strategic approach enhances your chances of defeating the Mire Terror in a challenging encounter.


Reward After Defeating Mire Terror
Reward After Defeating Mire Terror

You will earn a Stim Upgrade from the chest located in the fight area once you defeat The Mire Terror in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Stim Upgrade is efficient in enhancing your maximum stims during your playthrough.


To confront the Mire Terror in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players must first unlock the related rumor during their third visit to Koboh. After completing the mission to “Locate Brother Armias” in Jedha, Mosey informs Cal about the dangerous Mogu in the Viscid Bog. Access to the battleground requires Lift and Slam powers.

To defeat this boss, use Mind Trick on a nearby Mogu to divert its attention, allowing focus on the initial Mogu. After killing Mogu, face the Mire Terror in a one-on-one battle. Dodge, parry, and exploit weaknesses to overcome its aggressive attacks, including venomous swipes and toxic slams. Redirect its ranged attacks by using the environment.

Master the timing for parrying and adopt a cautious playstyle to emerge victorious against this challenging boss The Mire Terror in Star Wars Jedi Survivor and earn Stim Upgrade.

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